Pre Trial Intervention (PTI)

What Is Pre Trial Intervention?

PreTrial Intervention (PTI) is a diversion program for non-violent criminal offenders. The program allows the participant to perform community service work, receive educational or counseling services, pay restitution to victims, and return to society without a permanent criminal record. Only participants who do not pose a threat to society and who have no significant prior criminal record are allowed this "second chance".

PTI is a self-supporting program under the control and supervision of the Circuit Solicitor’s Office, (see SC Code of Laws 17-22-10) and is supported through cooperation of judicial, law enforcement, and community service agencies. The application fee is $100.00 (non-refundable). Applications are by appointment only. Defendants need to call the PTI office for an appointment to apply.

If accepted an orientation appointment is scheduled and a $250.00 (non-refundable) participation fee is due. At this time the program requirements are discussed and a participation contract is signed. Cases remain in PTI for no less than ninety (90) days and no longer than one (1) year.

Aiken County Judicial Center
Contact Information
  • Solicitor's Office
    Second Judicial Circuit
    Aiken County Judicial Center
    109 Park Avenue, SE
    Basement Level, Room B101
    Aiken, SC 29801

    Mailing Address:

    Pre Trial Intervention Program
    P.O. Drawer 3368
    Aiken, SC 29802

    PTI Staff:

    Felicia Lewis
    Intervention Programs Director
    An-Na Ousley, Case Manager
    Dina Moseley, Office Manager

    Phone: 803.642.1557, ext. 1
    Fax: 803.642.1566


Attend scheduled appointment

Pay application fee of $100 Money Order (non-refundable)

Provide picture I.D. and Social Security Card

Provide arrest papers

Complete application

Sign Forfeiture Agreement (if applicable)


Stay crime free

No use of illegal substances


Attend scheduled orientation appointment

Pay participation fee of $250 Money Order (non-refundable)

Sign Contract

Assessment paperwork

Receive acceptance letter

Receive participation requirements

Drug Screen ($40) and picture ID

Stay crime free

No use of illegal substances


Attend all appointments/ programs

Check-in monthly with Case Manager

Assessment and completion for counseling; pay all associated fees

Attend 26-week domestic abuse counseling; pay fees (for all participants charged with criminal domestic violence)

Clean drug test

Prison tour

Complete Community Service Work (CSW) hours

Other programs/papers as assigned

Stay crime free

No use of illegal substances


Attend exit meeting

Written paper on what you learned in PTI

Receive successful completion letter

Pay $250 Money Order administrative fee per order for expungement preparation and filing

Pay $35 Money Order per order payable to Clerk of Court for filing fee

***Expungement process is optional

You must keep this office informed of your current address and telephone number!!!