Truancy Intervention Program (TIP)

What Is TIP?

TIP is a community-based program that provides deferred prosecution to juveniles an as an alternative to court action. These youth are diverted from the formal justice system to an intervention hearing conducted in their community. The Truancy Intervention Program Coordinator conducts the hearings, imposes constructive sanctions for the juvenile to complete, and monitors the youths’ progress throughout the program.

Who Participates In The Program?

Participants in TIP include the Truancy Intervention Program Coordinator, the youthful offender and his or her parent(s) or guardian(s), and representatives from Aiken County Public School District, the 2nd Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office, and The Department of Juvenile Justice. The youth’s participation is voluntary and requires an admission of facts and guilt. The TIP Coordinator works with all participants to establish appropriate sanctions for the youth to complete, ensuring that he or she learns from the experience. These actions may include:

Performing community service;

Attending educational programs and substance abuse programs;

Writing topical essays;

Participating in counseling;

Visiting correctional institutions or making other appropriate field trips;

Enrolling in an afterschool activity or study program.