Traffic Education Program (TEP)

What Is The Traffic Education Program?

The Traffic Education Program (TEP) was established to educate drivers while giving them the opportunity to have a traffic ticket dismissed. This helps participants keep a clean driving record while encouraging safe driving habits.

The Summary Court or Municipal Court where the person is charged will give the participant a referral form with the date and time to apply at the TEP office. See below for information for local and out of state participants.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

***No outstanding points or significant prior driving offense

Tickets carrying a 4 point or less violation

Can only attend TEP one time

Prior PTI and AEP participants are eligible

What Are The Requirements?

Four (4) hours community service work (CSW) for non-profit agency

Four (4) hour defensive driving education course (fee varies)

What To Bring To Your Appointment?

Two (2) money orders for $140.00 each (payable to TEP) $280 total

Drivers License or Current Picture ID

Social Security card

***TEP will run the driving records for South Carolina participants.

***Out of state participants must provide their three (3) year driving history from their home state.

Out of state or county cases may mail the application with fees and driving history. Requirements will then be set up for completion in their area.

Upon successful completion of the fees, the driving course and the hours, the court will be notified to dismiss the ticket with no points taken. Should the participant fail to complete, the ticket will be referred back to court.